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You’ve reached the new home of “Don’t Get Me Started”, which graced the back page of MSDN Magazine for almost ten years. (Archives here.) Microsoft recently retired that publication, so I’ve moved my column here. I’ll be keeping a regular monthly schedule. You’ll find the same wise-but-irreverent take on the state of the software industry. As always, you can depend on me to call ’em as I see ’em. So why not subscribe to notifications, using the button at the bottom of this page?  And send me email via this form if I can ever help you with anything. I look forward to continuing our friendship here.

David S. Platt teaches programming .NET at Harvard University Extension School and at companies all over the world. He’s the author of 11 programming books, including “Why Software Sucks” (Addison-Wesley Professional, 2006) and “Introducing Microsoft .NET” (Microsoft Press, 2002). Microsoft named him a Software Legend in 2002. He wonders whether he should have taped down two of his daughter’s fingers so she would learn how to count in octal. You can contact him at  the link above.

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  1. Met you at VS Live Orlando conference About eight years ago. I’ve always enjoyed your columns.


  2. David,

    I always loved your columns (and I get your sense of humor being in this industry for 40+ years now). So glad you are continuing to let us read your wit and spot on observations. And yes, “So long and thanks for all the fish” is a line I’ve been using for over 30 years, especially when leaving a job.


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