What’s On YOUR Mind?

Instead of ranting about my own stuff, as I usually do in this space, I figured I’d see what you wanted to hear my jaundiced take on.  Use the comment feature, or the contact form, to ask me anything you’d like. I’ll post the best of the results here. What’s on YOUR mind, friend?

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  1. OK, how about old nonsense on the web? As a developer I’m trying to get things going with powershell and TFS aka Azure DevOps. However these two things (platforms?, environments?) have changed considerably over the last several years as MS works towards some future point. The rant, searches are filled with pages that are no longer relevant. If you’re lucky you can see a date in the search results or maybe a version somewhere reasonable in the post. The worst is something with no clues at all.

    Does that fit the bill? Or is one persons rant viewed by others as just crotchety : )


  2. The tendency to make everything more and more complex instead of simplifying things. For example programming languages. Every new release is a big mistery black box with obsure tools and methodes that needs so many parameters that you just fee sorry for the idea why you looked at it in the first place. In the 30+ years now i would thought that this thing would be much more simple but it isn’t. And i am not only talking about just programming languages but computer tech in general is becoming far to complex. Designed by nerds who can’t imaginon anymore how the majority of the people in the real world handles things.


  3. The strange requirement in the WebSocket protocol (RFC 6455) that the client needs to mask all data with a bitmask, while the server must not… What on earth is that supposed to be good for?! (In addition to burning additional CPU cycles…)


  4. (OK, I’m late to this party.) I’m repeatedly appalled by the fact that well-established, hard-earned knowledge is so frequently flouted or ignored, and maybe not even taught. Take Fitts’s Law (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fitts%27s_law). Microsoft and many other makers of programs and websites seem never to have heard of it. Microsoft in particular seems to make everything smaller, more obscure, and harder to manipulate with every release. Some brilliant people even seem to think it’s good to hide UI controls until the mouse hovers over them. You often have to really hunt around to find a scrollbar or even to see if there is one. Maybe some UI designers will take cues from your assisted computing efforts even for those of us who are not elderly or in need of special assistance.


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